Keep Your Water Storage Tank Clean & Fresh 

For anyone who consumes water from a storage tank, it is vital to keep the water fresh and clean. Failure to do so can result in the water becoming contaminated and unfit for consumption.

Seven Ways To Keep Your Water Storage Tank Clean

Keeping your water tank clean is important, failure to do so can result in the water becoming contaminated and unfit for drinking.

Here are seven ways to keep the tank’s water clean, fresh, and fit for drinking.

  1. Make sure your tank is built for storing water
  2. Check there are no foreign materials in the water
  3. Make sure your water tank is not transparent
  4. Use chlorine or bleach
  5. Clean the unit every 5 months
  6. Make sure the unit is in a dark spot
  7. Regular maintenance by  a qualified technician 

If the tank does not meet all seven of the above points you may indeed have a problem.

Fresh drinking water is a must for remote properties or councils that supply water to towns and rural areas.

If your drinking water is not clean and it is being pulled from a water storage tank call Tankproinc immediately.

How To Keep Your Water Storage Tank Clean For Drinking

1. Make Sure Your Tank Is Built For Storing Water

Not all storage tanks are built for storing water. Make sure your water storage tank has an NSF and ASTM certificate.

This will ensure the tank is in fact designed and built for storing water.

Not all water storage tanks will be used for drinking water, however, even if you are using the tank for toilet water it still needs to be clean.

If you are unsure if your tank is built for storing water call Tankproinc today.

2. Check There Are No Foreign Materials In The Water

Contamination often occurs when there are foreign materials that have found their way inside the tank. 

Pieces of wood rubbish even chemicals can get inside the tank and pollute the water.

Open the top of your tank and have a look inside, if there are any materials inside the tank remove them immediately.

If the materials are out of reach and a concern call Tankproinc now.

3. Make Sure Your Water Tank Is Not Transparent

Transparent water storage tanks present a massive problem. 

Algae needs light to grow and form. If your water storage tank is not dark on the inside it will be almost impossible to keep the water clean.

Light-colored water tanks allow light to enter and promote the growth of algae.

Make sure also that if it is not dark your tank has light block technology.

If you are not sure if your tank has light-blocking technology contact Tankproinc.

4. Use Chlorine Or Bleach

The use of chemicals is a must to keep water storage tanks clean.

If you know your tank is contaminated we recommend performing a shock treatment. Add 50-100 parts of chlorine per million (PPM). Let it sit for at least 24 hours. 

The chlorine levels will reduce over time as chlorine naturally breaks down.

For maintenance use 1-2 parts per million (PPM).

The failure to use chlorine or bleach will see even the most expensive water storage tanks become contaminated.

If you are not confident in adding chemicals to your water book an expert technician from Tankproinc to do it for you.

5. Clean The Unit Every 5 Months

Water storage tanks need to be cleaned every 5-6 months. We recommend 3 times a year, however, twice a year is ok.

The procedure can be a task, but it is essential it is cleaned regularly to keep your water clean and fresh.

Open the valve and let all the water drain out. 

Scoop the water at the bottom of the tank out with a bucket.

You probably won’t be able to scoop all of it out with a bucket, we recommend using a water vacuum and towels to soak up the small amount of water remaining.

Cleaning the inside of the tank is a must. Use a water pressure gun and chemicals. If you don’t have a water pressure gun use chemicals, a brush, and towels to clean the inside.

Failure to clean the tank regularly will eventually result in the water becoming contaminated.

For regular maintenance contact Tankproinc.

6. Make Sure The Unit Is In A Dark Spot

Sunlight and light is an enemy of water storage tanks. When light hits the water algae will start to grow.

Wherever possible try to place your water storage unit in a dark place.

We understand this is not always possible.

For a free quote on relocating your water storage unit contact Tankproinc today.

7. Regular Maintenance By A Qualified Technician

Regular maintenance performed by a qualified technician will help you keep on top of any potential problems.

Most professional companies will have a maintenance program you can join. This will ensure the water is kept clean and fresh and will serve as a protection measure should you forget.

If your water storage tank is used for drinking water it is important to use a professional company.


Keeping your water fresh and clean is important to anyone using a water storage tank. Regular maintenance is a must and you will need to add chemicals regularly to keep your water clean.