NACE Inspectors

Get A Certified NACE Inspection

Tank Pro Inc.’s inspectors are certified by NACE. NACE is the international coating inspection training and certification program. As a certified inspector, Tank Pro Inc. will provide the following benefits for your tank maintenance program…

  • Proper use of protective coatings to control corrosion

  • Understanding of the fundamental properties of a coating, coating classification and modes of protection

  • Knowledge of coating types and curing mechanisms

  • Understanding of coating specifications, including service environments and coating life cycles

  • Knowledge of surface preparation equipment and the proper methods for abrasive blasting solvent cleaning and tool cleaning

  • Understanding of the responsibilities of a certified NACE inspector to deliver quality, consistent, and professional service to all municipalities

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Nace Inspectors

Tank Pro Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured company. We are licensed to conduct business in each municipality that we serve. In addition, we are properly bonded on each project in the event that any claim is filed against our company. In order to protect against any personal or material losses, Tank Pro Inc. maintains complete and extensive business insurance coverage.

What To Expect

Here are a few things you should expect from a diligent analysis. Inspectors should have all relevant certifications and appropriate professional organizations. NACE and SSPC are well-respected certifications within our industry. Coating inspection services offered by NACE-certified professionals are a good place to start.

A hardcopy report, complete analysis of the findings, photographs to support the documents, and details on how to proceed will be included. It is a good sign if these details are being stored in one place using industry-known software.

Our staff will be able to use this report for a standard paint budget or to better understand what type of work can and needs to be done at the price point recommended.