Washout / Inspection and Disinfection

Washout / Inspection and Disinfection

Because water storage tanks accumulate sediment over time, it’s critical that washouts and inspections are conducted on a regular schedule in order to preserve water quality at the highest standards for health. These services include …

All labor, materials, equipment, and insurance needed to clean the water storage facility as per the following:

  • The interior of the tank will be washed out to remove all mud, silt, and other contaminates. The pressure washing will allow for proper inspection of the coating and substrate

  • A complete inspection will be made of the interior and exterior surfaces to determine the condition of the coating, steel, foundations, presence of lead and structural stability. The American Water Works Standard Inspection Report for Steel Water Tanks will be utilized for this survey

  • The day the tank is serviced, Tank Pro Inc. will verbally present existing conditions and in less than thirty (60) days, you will receive a written report listing findings, recommendations, project options, cost estimates, maintenance schedule and recommended specifications for all work needed
  • A relief valve will be provided to regulate pressure while the tank(s) are being serviced, if such valve is necessary

  • We will disinfect the tank(s) by spray method prior to returning each tank back into service

  • This inspection permits hands-on testing on all surfaces of the tank, eliminated guessing and the unknown, prevents an open-ended agreement which often is very costly to the owner

  • Provides total awareness of existing conditions and provides Total Maintenance Costs for budgeting purposes

  • All tanks are a settling point for the finished drinking water. Sediment can create taste, odor, and discoloration

  • Your tank will be PROFESSIONALLY inspected at the completion of your services