Wireless Communication Programs
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Wireless Communication Programs

Bay Minette  

Your water tank(s) provides an ideal location for a wireless communication antenna site which would be attached to the sides of the water tower.

Tank Pro Inc. will manage and coordinate the installation of your wireless antenna sites…from structural analysis to the finished antennas. We are an asset in managing the complete construction project. These services are included as part of our standard Maintenance Program. The benefit to you is that all of the rental income from the antenna site goes directly to you, the tank owner. Very often the annual rental income from the antenna site will pay for your tank maintenance program.

Here is what Tank Pro Inc. will do for you to receive the benefits of having a wireless communication program with your water tank(s)…

  • Coordinate with the communications engineer who will analyze the projected blueprints of the structure
  • Properly build and install structural elements to include antenna mounts, coax supports, equipment platforms and special projects
  • Galvanize all structural attachments
  • Provide a warranty for the structured project upon completion