Pressure Tanks/Emergencies
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Pressure Tanks/Emergencies

These are an excellent resource in emergencies or for temporary solutions. For instance, if a customer drains the tank it is possible that a town could experience a Low Pressure Problem, because the height of the Water Tower supplies the pressure to the water system. If the town does experience a low pressure problem, the portable 10,000 gallon pressure tank can be utilized. The pressure tank works by hooking the tank to the differential pressure switch that will turn the well on when water/pressure is needed. The pressure tank utilizes a small air compressor and float sensor to provide an air cushion inside the tank that pressurizes the system. A Fire Hose is used to supply water from the pumps to the 10,000 gallon tank and from the pressurized tank back into the system-- mimicking the pressure from the elevated tank while providing temporary storage so the pumps do not run continuously. The interior of our pressure tank is coated with a Tnemec NSF approved epoxy and is disinfected prior to putting into service.

This system can also be used as a temporary solution during water line repairs or longer periods of time such as for full tank renovations. They are also great in an emergency if a town has a disaster and needs potable water. We can rent them to you.